A Note Of Appreciation: To My Parents

Yesterday I turned 20 and it got me thinking…

So this is a note of appreciation to my parents:

I’m really grateful to you for raising me to be so rich in experience. You have literally made me who I am and I’m so fortunate to have such amazing people in my life – even better, you’re my parents so you’re mine forever… you’re never getting rid of me ;).

I’m only 20 and I’m lucky enough to say that I’ve lived in six countries and visited countless others. I’ve ridden on camels in the Sahara Desert and swam with dolphins in Malta. I’m so thankful for every opportunity and experience you’ve given me (even the scary ones – like driving the car vertically in Sicily on that treacherous beach! Haha).

You’ve both been the ones that have supported me through everything, always being behind me making me strive to be better. To not give up on learning to play guitar and be bold enough to sing in public. You took me to my first pub open mic, then without ever complaining, to too many far flung festivals, long car rides to competitions and even sat through the charity gigs at rough venues ;).

You’ve brought me to London more than several times, simply because you believe in me. Happy to stand for seven hours in the cold, from 5AM in the morning, silently cheering and enthusiastically waving at the helicopters above us. And even if every time we go, we prove to be country bumpkins to dem fayn-see city folk; impressed by the tall buildings,  “Look up! Woah man! It’s moving!”, stereotype some areas too harshly, “Here take my phone, just make sure you don’t get mugged”, scared of the unknown drips under bridges, “I bet that’s pee” and don’t fully understand the traffic system, “Do they NOT have brakes?!”, we still just have the most amazing time. As we experience more, we’re all still learning together but you’ve already taught me to dream. That I can be whoever I want to be, that I can go wherever I want to go, live where I want to live. Everything is at my fingertips, the world is my oyster. That I must not be afraid to rid my life of material objects and just travel. Sleep on floors in necessary, to  feel the breeze of freedom and the rays of sunshine and happiness.

That “escaping the endless rain and cold” is a good enough reason to pack up our bags and book one way flights to a foreign country whose land, people, food and tongue is so completely different to ours but to not be afraid. You never once showed me fear and for that I’m so appreciative. I will dream and live and grow and be free and it’s thanks to the way you raised me.

Thank you for allowing my mind and my soul to expand; allowing me to know that to want for better things is a good thing, knowing that it’s fine not to be content in one place, that if I get itchy feet, get up and scratch them. To listen to my heart and not to ever give in to sadness, my life is mine and happiness is a choice, and you’ve taught me how to make the right one. If something makes me unhappy, I know to simply change it. You’ve given me the motivation in my life, both of you, mom and dad are my inspiration. I don’t think you’ll ever fully understand how highly I think of you both. You’re amazing and you’ll always both be the ones whose hands I reach for in the dark.

I love you.


The twist to the story of the end of my life as the crazy not-so-much-cat lady.

This blog is continuing on from the one below – as a sorry and to show that I still do write ;)…

Even though they have been texts that have been consuming my writing time, they’re certainly not the ‘Hey wat u up 2?’, don’t worry… Not all is lost ;)!

Last night, after completing a lengthy text to one of my closest friends, I realised it needed to be shared with more people…

“I’ve been so ill for the past two days, it feels like I’m dying; throbbing throat, not-so-chuffed chest and horribly aching headache, it hasn’t been too much fun. I can’t even remember the last time I was this run down. “I can barely breathe”. That’s coincidentally one of my favourite song titles as well as present truth :(.

I’m worried I’m going to die because I keep having these weird deja-vus like once before… I didn’t die then though, I just had terribly terrifying deja-vus, which meant nothing in the end, clearly. So perhaps I’m just thinking about it too much – but if I’m not and I am really psychic and die – you’re going to be able to sell this story for so much money to the newspapers :’) . Now you’ll be cursing when I get better.

I’m a mad babbling person, I’m going crazy yo! Didn’t even need the cats for my crazy cat lady plan – I’m sure I’ve told you guys about it? (Turns out I haven’t…) Well this is how I imagined it would feel… So I didn’t even need the cats. That’s the twist to the story of the end of my life as the crazy not-so-much-cat lady.

Basically, at one stage in my life I had decided I would become a crazy cat lady when I had gotten tired of everything… I would gather about 17 cats and die from asthma in my sleep due to my allergies to cats… It would be beautiful. However, that’s no longer my plan, I don’t think I’ll ever get to that extent of tired.

I wish I had had the sense to be one of those people who eat less when they’re not well and are beautiful by the end of the ordeal. I’m definitely not… For some reason, last night I ate the entire plate of curry that Venetia had cooked for dinner for me when I awoke at 11PM, from my dark, sickly, stuffy room, despite the fact that I could not taste anything… Except the subtle hint of mustard. My parents had said the taste was overwhelming and they couldn’t fathom why Venetia had put mustard into it so I was actually lucky that my taste buds were refusing to work… But why would I eat it all? I felt like a balloon. Not light and floaty like one, nor rubbery and airy. Rather more like a water balloon, perhaps. Yes that’s the one. That’s exactly how I felt. I really do babble.”

… And then I went on to explain what I would like to happen if I do die. It is awfully morbid but writing it out helped me get back to sleep :’) and at least now people know!


We ran. I’ve never ran so fast before, trailing a 10KG carry-on bag behind me.

Hey guys,
The flight went well… if you don’t count the fact that Venetia and I nearly missed it… and we thought we’d be the first boarders… Ha! We didn’t realise we had to go THROUGH that section to get to the actual check-in point :/… So we were calmly waiting beside it, while all of these other people were gushing through. At 15.20, the time our flight was supposed to be… taking off, we dandered through talking about where we should choose to sit… This is when we heard a message booming throughout the airport with our names attached. We ran. I’ve never ran so fast before, trailing a 10KG carry-on bag behind me. By the time we actually got to the correct check-in point, the women there weren’t in the mood for laughing as I breathlessly explained…
Once we’d checked in, there was still another hallway marathon to go; I could feel my left arm being unwillingly stretched against the weight of the miniature suitcase and the speed of my feet. By the time we reached the plane, everyone else was already installed in their seats and I was battling with asthma. I didn’t want to have to hold the plane up any longer, by making them wait yet another moment, while rummaging through my case to find my inhaler so rather I just sat there wheezing quietly.
The trip was absolutely gorgeous! As the plane ascended higher and higher, the whole world became so much smaller, it was simply stunning! It’s quite surreal when the windows start to attract little ice crystal formations and the clouds begin appearing below you! The flight was only an hour and a half and it went without a bump.
We arrived an hour late to very strange weather… It was sunny! I didn’t know England was so hot, it might just be fluke because of the time of year we’ve arrived but I’m not complaining… Today is the third day it’s raining since we’ve been here and we’ve been here for *pulls up calendar* exactly three weeks! Flip, I didn’t realise it had already been so long.
I’m shocked at how much we’ve done though, since being here. I’m already a member of a library, have found and chosen a college and sent my application in, acquainted myself with… a lovely group of acquaintances and did my first public performance at an open mic night in the nearest town! Pretty flipping impressive :P!
It’s been so great seeing all of the family again and I’m already settling down, surprisingly well. I’m missing France like a mad person but being able to converse in your own language is just so… easy! I’ve been constantly laughing my head off because of how my sense of humour has become so… well, just so easily entertained because of the lack of English-speaking entertainment in France. Even the most lame jokes, tickles me… for ages. I really have to learn to control myself :P.
It’s raining today therefore, I’m going to really get stuck into studying. I’ve made myself a list and I just keep adding to it… It’s becoming scary to look at. The time just flies by so quickly here and I’m never getting anything, that I’ve been meaning to do, done! Now I’m hungry, so I’m going to go downstairs and probably become distracted :(.

Here’s to hoping I don’t *crosses fingers*.
Hoping to hear from you guys soon!
~ Bianca

What did the angry elephant dad say to his naughty son?

Hey everyone,

So, right now I’m pretty angry with the internet. I’m TRYING to put some ads online but the damn thing wont stay up for long enough for me to finish filling the page out. So I’m being forced to write this in WordPad. If you have read my previous post you may be thinking ‘leave’, ‘ads’, what is this insanity?!

Well… We’re moving. Yet again. This will be my sixth country I’ll be living in, oh the excitement. Just for a quick brain refresher… Mmm, lemons, I love lemons… The word refresher made me think of lemons :/. Lemons with salt, bet your taste buds are going now, hey :p! Oh my goodness! Salt!! When we go to the next country I can’t wait to eat McCoy’s Salt and Malt Vinegar crisps. It’s going to be delicious, they were always my favourite crisps but you just can’t seem to get them here, argh!

I went off on quite a tangent there :/… As I was saying, as a brain refresher… I was going to type it out but decided to make a cute little list thing instead :D!

Zimbabwe 1994-1997
Ireland 1997-2000
Northern Ireland 2000-2007
Sicily 2007-2007
France 2007-2010

And now… England. I’m pretty devastated because of how much I’m going to miss the lovely weather here. But it’s going to be in the south so all is good :). I’m not looking forward to leaving my friends and the little town I live in but it’s insane how I’m looking forward to seeing my family. I’ve been missing the family gatherings that we had at Christmas and New Years so those are going to be great. I’m afraid about having to make new friends, whether or not the people will be as accepting of the foreign girl there as they are here. But my parents are looking forward to making Zimbabwean friends and meeting up with old ones who are now living in England. So I’ll be making some friends of my parents’ culture. It’ll be nice.

We’re selling all of the furniture and have the space of the car and two large suitcases to bring what we have accumilated in the past three years, living here. Close to the end of this month, Venetia and I will be flying and my parents will be driving. I’m impatient to see all of my cousins and uncles and aunts and my grandmother and great grandmother.

Selling the furniture, is actually going pretty well. I’m impressed. I had to get rid of my electric guitar for space reasons (and then spent the cash on clothes because that’s what makes sense :D!) but I’m keeping my deep blue acoustic <3. Some people came to buy the couch, they poked and prodded it, decided they would take it but they didn’t even sit on it once -.-” . Je comprends pas (I don’t understand)!

We bought our cases the other day, it was pretty exciting, to be honest. I think that’s been the most exciting thing so far. I can lie down in a ball in mine and be zipped up and pulled around. Of course, we waited to get home to do this. I could only imagine the looks in the shop if I suddenly popped out of one. It’s times like this that make me want to be involved on those scare shows that make the poor people almost have heart attacks for our amusement :).

I had done my room out, packed everything from my walls and all the pretty little ornaments up, way back in January. So I thought, oh packing will be a breeze! My cupboard was lovely and tidy and all my clothes were in specific piles… I was wrong. It was not easy at all. Most of the time I found myself just staring at everything, completely perplexed at where to start or how to continue. I always say you can never have enough clothes… But man! Is THAT many really necessary? That’s the good side of my brain talking, the devilish side is saying, well of course it’s necessary, more, MORE!! MY PRECIOUS *strums fingers together with an evil smirk across my face*!!!

I’m looking forward to speaking English with everyone, understanding jokes, blurting out my jokes… Ok guys! Listen to this one, I have such a weird sense of humor, so excuse me if it’s incredibly lame. I laugh at pretty much anything, especially my own jokes… Ok, ok! What did the angry elephant dad say to his naughty son? ‘Tusk, tusk, tusk!’ Ahahahahahahahaha!!! See, like tsk, tsk, tsk. But TUSK. Ahahahahah :’D. It’s SO funny… in my head!

I’m really going to miss just hopping on the bus and not having to pay, even though I’m not a fan of taking the bus because it sucks when it’s hot. You practically die in there, but it’s freeeeee! How, everytime I run my fingers through my hair my friends say ‘My lovely hair!’… Because once, in town, everyone was having a huge waterfight in the park, beside the fountain. I had done my hair huge and gorgeous and poofy with curls and twists and stuff and someone threw water down my back, I yelled out ‘My lovely haiiiirr!!! :(‘ without thinking and since then, this is what they say. I’ll miss that, also the way they started calling me ‘la zimbabouish’ (pronounced: zimbabwe-ish)’ when they found out I was in fact born in Zimbabwe not Ireland.

And pretty much everything. Eating cherries off the tree in our garden, sitting out the back in my pajamas soaking up the sun when I let Gizmo out first thing in the morning, going to Glups, the sweet shop, going to the skatepark and just lying there all day in the sunshine, walking through town and knowing practically everyone, the summer festivals at night time. I’m just going to miss everything so much. I’m going to come back though, I’ve already decided, any chance for a holiday I get, I already know where I’m coming.

I’m grateful for the memories though and for meeting all of these lovely people and having all of the experiences I’ve had. When I came here, I used to complain to my mom about not having friends and how much I missed English, it’s probably going to be the same in England for a few months but in a couple of years, like my mom says, I will have friends. I’m hoping to go to theatre school and stuff when I’m there so I’ll make a bunch like that, it’s just scary thinking about it right now. Like really scary. Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be nice. At least, now I know how to evolve quickly :).

Oh my goodness! I can do an AWESOME French English accent :D!! Haha, but flipping heck, it’ll be fun to pretend I’m French just to see what people say because they’ll think I don’t understand, mouahahaha, I’ve been wanting to do that for AGES now :p. Yes, England will be fun. I still have a bunch of stuff to pack and lots to do, so I’m going to leave it at that.

Hoping to hear from you guys soon!
~ Bianca

Je suis blanche comme un cul!

Hey guys,

So yes, last time I said I had a bunch of stuff to write about… The problem is that when I’m coming to the end of a post and realise it’s length, I think of all of these other things that I still haven’t told you about… And then I write a list, because I’m really into my lists, for the next time I write a post. I’ll forget about writing, come back to the list and be utterly lost, having no idea what ‘woman size Toulouse’ means… Like really, you’d think I would have learned to give myself a little bit more detail -.- . So in the end all of the memories are deleted and I’ll just have to write about what I can ‘translate’.

The weather is gorgeous. We’ve gotten into a very, ehem, ‘good’ routine and so I’ve been getting up at ridiculous times. I am so tired right now, only fifteen hours to go until bed time :). Every morning I regret not going to bed earlier but time just flies at night time.

This morning I had JUST rolled over and gotten comfortable and then I heard the oh so, dreaded footsteps and my mom’s voice  being far too loud and cheerful for that time of the day singing ‘GOOD MORNING!’. It booms through my ears and making me die a little inside. Seriously, what did Sleeping Beauty have to complain about? If my sleep in lasted years AND I looked good when I woke up, I know I wouldn’t be complaining, pfffft.

However, once I get up and open the blinds. Or rather, don’t get up and the blinds are thrown open (it’s the most threatening thing to do to get me up) and the sunshine streams through, even though I can literally hear my eyeballs cursing at the insanely intrusive bright light, I do appreciate getting up early. Today the sun hadn’t hit the back garden yet but it had reached the hills in the distance and from my sister’s window it was just so pretty to see. Man, I’m sleepy right now.

I have to start profiting from the sun as much as I can. It’s pretty ridiculous how white I am. Je suis blanche comme un cul! I’m white like a backside :/. In French, a milk bottle just isn’t enough to describe such a pale. And the worst part is, that because I’m so pale, the sun just reflects off me so it’s impossible to tan :o. I’ve been reading all of these facts lately so I don’t mind being so white, I guess. Did you know that a suntan is just damaged skin cells. That’s horrible :o… but a good tan looks so nice :(. Damn it.

I have to tell you about Sidobre! It is officially one of my most favourite spots in the whole entire world and I’ve seen some places! We’ve been living 20 minutes away from the fairy tale-like place for about two and a half years now and only recently did we discover it’s magnificence. It’s so gorgeous. Basically it’s a bunch of giant rocks :). Doesn’t sound so exicting, I know :/. But if you apprectiate nature’s beauty, it’s a must see place.

Peyro Clabado - Thanks to my mom for all of the photos 😀

It’s overwhelming, enough to make your jaw drop and your eyes pop out of your sockets! It’s incredible, you’d think you were on a movie set or in someone’s photoshop programme and they had just super sized you down…

Giant rocks... Or little me? 😮

There are so many different areas to go to in Sidobre, all in the range of about 30 minutes drive for each other. The River of rocks is absolutely lovely, les trois fromages (the three cheeses – whoa, have you ever noticed how weird the word cheese is :o… Cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese.) isn’t really worth going to see. Unless you’re in for a hike. We went on a hot day, walked for an hour or so, didn’t bring water with us and almost died. None of us had any idea what we were supposed to be looking for so we gave up and walked back, flopped into the car and drove off to another scenic Sidobre site to have lunch.

When I got home, I googled it and apparently we had in fact seen the rocks shaped like three cheeses. They do not resemble cheese in the slightest. But I suppose that cheese could look like anything but then that means they could have called it the three bits of leftover cake or the three pieces of rock shaped chicken. ANYTHING. But I suppose their name is slightly better than my best attempts and it’s very French.

It takes a few days to cover all of the sites, if you want to enjoy it. We just had picnic lunches at a bunch of different spots and it was the nicest days I’ve spent in France so far :). We even went and saw a natural grotto. It was dark and moss-covered and slightly scary if you’d been watching too many vampire movies before hand :P. We still haven’t gone to every single one, I think there’s still a couple but we definitely will before we leave. <– I will come back to explaining this word later in this post or in the next.

FISHING!!! I’ve been fishing quite a few times in the past month, we found the most stunning lake EVER. Lac du Merle, it’s absolutely gorgeous… However, I have yet to catch a fish :/. Venetia had spotted some nice sized stripy fish (LOVING my fishing intellect) in the water but they would just tease us by nibbling on the bait until we were left with shiny hooks. It was very frustrating. I’d love to try fly fishing! Now I bet that’s fun :o!

Before we went fishing we stopped beside a little lake where there were fishermen galore to munch down on some mille-feuille (if you haven’t tasted one, then you haven’t lived). Mille-feuille is my most favourite baked good ever. Translated it means, million leaves. I’m not going to do it justice by describing it but basically it’s a thick sort of custard, with several layers of light pastry in between and white sugar icing on top with a dark leave like design. It’s delicious.

I got distracted there! Anyway, I went to play on one of those… well this is embarrassing :/… playground spring horses. This one was a camel though :/. I’m not sure of the correct name, it’s a wooden animal, with a seat and it has a giant spring underneath it so it can rock back and forth. I was having a wonderful time when I heard a car coming around the corner and jumped off. My pinky finger was viciously attacked by the camel which was now shaking violently. I didn’t cry but it was so painful. After a bit of complaining, I ate my mille-feuille. We drove off to the grotto and when we got there my finger had BALLOONED so it was twice the size it usually should be, had turned a lovely shade of purple and was excruciatingly sore to bend or touch. My mom made me a make-shift splint which caused a lot of pain, so I just left it alone and didn’t try to climb any rocks.

It healed up pretty well after three or four days but my poor baby finger is still pretty painful if I hold it funny. I forgot about the hot drinks I was making because I was writing this and made everyone drink their less than warm tea without milk :/. If you ask me, it tasted pretty good :D.

I’m going to leave my post at that. Watch out for another post soon :).

Hoping to hear from you guys soon!

– Bianca

Bright Eyes – First Day Of My Life

I have something to show you guys!

I’m not sure if I mentioned before but I love to sing and play guitar. I actually made a Youtube channel a few months ago. This is my new and most favourite song. I will eventually get around to adding more songs :)!

Leave me comments :D!

The Crazy Lizard Woman… Who Sometimes Has A Tail…

Hey guys,
Something has been wrong. I gave up on my blog because I just never had anything to say anymore. I was doing the same ol’, same ol’ everyday… Staying indoors on gorgeous days, playing online games. I had truely become, what the French call, a ‘no life’.
I had even stayed indoors for five whole weeks, without stepping foot into public. However I did have a reason for that…
I had been practically forced to go to the doctor by my parents. I wouldn’t budge, no way! A strange form of some sort of skin malfunction had decided to take over my entire forehead… At that time it wasn’t so bad, I could just cover it up with a make-shift fringe, but having to actually SHOW it to the doctor, was no where to be found in my slightest of interests…
I ended up going anyway [like I said before, FORCED :P] and was pretty darn grateful in the end. As the doctor exclaimed that I should of come sooner and I may be scarred, my mouth dropped.  I am one of those insanely unique people who gets chickenpox twice! Yep, that right people! Chickenpox attacked my face. Yay for me! It’s such a pity that there isn’t really a way to show pure sarcasm in writing…
The doctor explained that the chickenpox will lie blissfully asleep in the nerves in my spine until one day, when I become stressed or go by an infected child, it shall take one of the three routes across my face and… ATTACK!!! It had gone across my entire forehead. He also had to add that it’s quite possible I can get it again, in a week, three years, twenty years, it could even happen on my wedding day… Great going with jinxing me! Thanks A LOT!
I was given chickenpox cream and tablets to take. The little blisters began to pop up everywhere, it was like it was starting over again!
The doctor had lied! LIED, I TELL YOU! It seems that the pox had just got oh, so excited and done a little rampage over all three nerves and were now dancing around, thinking they were sooo funny, laughing at me as they watched my horrified expression in the mirror.
My face was actually covered. It was like there was no more face. Just eyes… and a mouth. That is all! I was like some scaly noseless creature, I was sure that I was growing into a lizard, that someday I would just wake up and would have grown a tail, so I’d whack at it, believing that such a tail could not be mine and it would get a fright and fall off… So I would just grow another one and it would be a desperately depressing cycle, eventually I’d end up mad… in the head and would be known as ‘The Crazy Lizard Woman… Who Sometimes Has A Tail’.
I spent the most of my life sleeping. When I got to my worst, my face was just like a giant sore and there were still a few blisters left on my face so the itch was slowly driving me to insanity. To eat was painful, to yawn was painful, to bath gave me slight relief but when it came to drying my face, it was painful. Pretty much everything I did was painful. I couldn’t sleep easily, having to lie on my back, if I let myself indulge by lying on my side it felt as if the pillow was covered in bread crumbs, which was, in fact my ‘lovely’ face.
Great way to spend my first five weeks of being sixteen years old!
It was like my face was doing the different stages in the different areas. My forehead was the first to clear, then my left cheek, nose, chin and finally my right cheek. I only had two other blisters that were actually ON my body. They were the only things that left scars on my stomach. In the end, once everything had healed, my skin was just flaking off until eventually I was back to almost normal, a very blotchy faced normal anyway, this stage lasted about a month. I only got two blisters on my actual body and they’re the only ones that left little scars on my stomach. So I’m very happy.
Wow, that wasn’t a very pretty post topic… but if you’re reading this because you’ve got chickenpox.. again, I sympathise with you and don’t worry, you won’t be a lizard forever :).
It was funny because when my mom and I googled ‘adult chickenpox’ or something like that, we both came across a
pretty scary image of a man’s face covered and stopped searching so we wouldn’t get overly worried. This is how my face turned out to be, maybe even worse… just I didn’t have to guts to take a picture and post it onto the internet :P! Also: While we’re all here, I’d just like to add that my parents really rock, thanks :)!
I’m pretty excited about the next post ups that I’m going to write, I’ve just had the best past few days! 🙂 Keep an eye out! Hoping to hear from you guys soon!
~ Bianca

You .

You’re falling, further and further,
I see you, my eyes water,
My knees are weak, I falter,
You’re here,
Running your hands through my hair,
Caressing my skin so softly,
You paralyse me,
I no longer feel my extremities,
Giving me chills up my spine,
I have to keep moving to feel alive,
Making my cheeks brighten,
I feel frightened,
I breathe deeper,
I see clearer,
I want to escape from you,
But what can I do,
You’re always there,
Creeping over everywhere,
Who I speak of, may not be clear,
But it is simply the cold, winter air.
By Bianca Cassandra P.

All the memories started to flood back… Mainly about our pet chickens for some reason!

Hey guys,

It’s been so long since I last wrote that I don’t know where to pick up from! I got a bit bored of writing but for the past few days my fingertips have just been itching to type and my brain keeps throwing little snippets of text my way. So it’s probable that I’ll just be rambling but hopefully it’ll be readable ;).

This morning, I was looking at some pictures of our house in Ireland and all the memories started to flood back… Mainly about our pet chickens for some reason!

Like the way Coconut, Licorice, Little Feather, Kaleidescope, Phoenix and Tawny used to stretch out against the warmed grass on their sides in the sunshine and how I had that freak-out when I thought a fox had killed Coconut.. and the way she used to run and jump into my arms from across the garden.

How they all used to climb the stairs by their barn and suicidally jump over the edge, so they could feel the wind beneath their useless wings, flapping desperately and feel, even only for a few moments, the freedom of flying. Although they would fall to the ground in a flurry of chaotic feathers, landing roughly on their chests and Venetia and I would have heart attacks because of fear of them hurting themselves. But they would have all the hope in the world and just hop up all the stairs again and wait their turn to have that weightless moment just for a few more seconds. I actually miss them.

Also in a few of the pictures, I’m running around in a skirt and bare-foot, so it makes me think that Northern Ireland’s weather couldn’t have been as miserable as I keep remembering. You see, the thing I remember the most about living in Northern Ireland was spending pretty much the whole winter / springtime in the study, even though we lived in such a gorgeous house in the countryside, staring at my computer screen, playing online games and gorging on microwaveable food… And I always blamed the cold weather outside.

I miss playing croquet on the mossy lawn and riding my bike with Venetia but because of the mud on the farm and in the fields it would get caught in the wheel and flick up into all the nooks and crannies on the bike and splat all over our backs… It was really, sort of, gross :/.

I miss that house so much. And my word! Christmas was gorgeous there :)!

I’m going to leave it at that and might write more posts later today :). Hoping to hear from you guys soon!

~ Bianca

From Black Hair To Blonde In Under One Week… ;]

Hey everyone!



Yep… I dyed my hair blonde! Firstly: Boxes LIE! Just thought I’d get that out there… You know with the little ‘If your hair is this colour, it’ll magically turn to this’ bit? Yeah… LIES! LIES, I tell you!!

I didn’t believe any of the people on the internet replying to ‘Going From Black Hair To Blonde’ question posts with ‘Your hair will fall out!’… So I asked my mom to do it and just hoped that the people saying my hair would turn to orange were wrong as well…

Well the latter wasn’t wrong :/… My mom bought a bleaching kit and a blonde hair dye for me on Saturday. We put the bleacher in, not thinking about my already, blonde grown roots and just putting the bleach ALL over… Yeah! Major blonde moment 0.O…

As I was eagerly watching and impatiently waiting for the time to be up, my hair was turning orange… and the roots turning WHITE… No. No, no! I was hoping the problem would be magically solved when we rinced the dye out… It wasn’t! My sister, being the helpful person that she is, was standing behind me, giggling uncontrollably and taking pictures of the accident with MY mobile! My mom had exclaimed an ‘Oh my God Bianca!’ and since then had joined Venetia’s giggling.

I stood up, looking in the mirror and whether it was nervousness or actual entertainment at the state of my hair… I laughed… Every time I passed by a mirror, I couldn’t stop laughing… I don’t know what I was expecting but it certainly wasn’t that! So, that same night, we put the blonde dye in, waiting again and rinsed… Not much of a change from the carrot head, I had recently become.

On Sunday we could do nothing because all of the shops were closed but it was a good excuse for my hair to rest, seeing as you’re recommended to wait four to eight weeks before re-dying. I did not have that long. On Monday, I stayed at home and my mom went to the shops and bought another bleach. This only made my orangutan-look lighter.

On Tuesday, we dyed my hair again… But I really think we should of bleached instead. The dying, didn’t really do anything! Although the hair colour was a little less ‘in your face’.

Although on Wednesday, I didn’t go out to the skatepark, as I usually do, with Venetia because of the madness of my hair.

On Thursday, my mom went back to the little store that she had been running back and forth to all week and bought, even more bleach… but for herself aswell. After we had used this bleach, both of us had bright yellow hair now. By now you’d think I would be as bald as a rock without moss… but my hair was still strong and after the latest killer chemicals, actually looking lovely and glossy!

So back to the store we reluctantly went… It must of been such a funny sight, two people with banana hair trying to find a solution to the problem, staring at the many hair dying boxes. Eventually we chose another bleach with blue in it, apparently this would take away the yellow-ness. It did actually help a lot and with one more hair dying to an ash blonde. My hair was finally presentable again!

My hair had a much needed trim and afterwards, my mom had this idea to smother olive oil all over it and leave it in for the day and the  night. This did wonders to restore the softness back to my locks. During the whole process above I slept with conditioner in my hair a couple of times and by Friday night I was back to drying and straightening.

There was an awesome concert in town that night and the ice-rink opened the next day so, it was a rush to have my hair back to normal :D.

For some reason, my fringe and the ends of my hair were a darker blonde than the very light rest but over the past month or so it’s blended in more and looks good :D! My mom has vowed to never dye my hair again and now my natural hair colour is growing out but it isn’t as noticable as when it grew out to the black hair, so all is good :)!

Everyone was shocked at the sudden change and I’m pretty sure I’m never going to go back to black because that was just… all very complicated. 0.O 😛

At least I’m making my mistakes now!

If you are going to bleach or dye your hair, I suggest Garnier – It doesn’t burn whatsoever! Usually we use L’Oreal which is paaaiiinful! So when my mom asked me if my scalp was burning and I calmly replied ‘Nope.’ she thought I had lost all senses because of the excessive dying.

I’ve also stopped being such a scissor-maniac! I’ve decided to let my hair grow now because I’m so envious of Venetia’s :P. And if I do dye my hair again, it will only be back to my natural colour… I’ve been lovingly looking at the photos of way back before April when my hair was as natural as Gizmo’s curls [I couldn’t think of any other reference 0.O…] and am now pretty much in love with that colour :P. So, I’ve just gone around in an almost circle -.-‘ . But I have learnt my lesson! ^.^

If you want to read about my red and black hair dying – Go hair! [Hahahaha! :P] : Hair Grows Back!

Oh! I’m always making half-sensed puns, I get that from my dad ;P. And speaking of puns! I received the loveliest card in the post yesterday from my mom! We live in the same house but my parents rock :P. Ok! So the front has a little cartoon owl on it with a heart and says: ‘Whoo’ll Always Love You?’ And on the inside it reads: ‘Owl Always Love You!’!

Hahahahahaha! I’ve been telling everyone, I just love it! 😛

Anyway, I’m going to leave you now and hopefully will hear from you soon!

~ Bianca :]

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